How About Justice Before Its Too Late

The Southern Poverty Law center has won several cases against the KKK and Aryan Nation in which defendants won monitory damages from the KKK and Aryan Nation, who then lost their property. You hear about these cases in the news every time this liberal social justice non-profit wins.

The basis for the lawsuits often center on various KKK and Aryan Nation members who assaulted people who were subsequently represented by the SPLC.

By that reasoning, if a person wearing an IBEW jacket attacks and physically assaults a person or organization, such as AFT or RTW, shouldn’t the IBEW be held accountable for damages? Or do judges have an aversion to “equal justice” for all?

Americans are about to see first hand, again after Wisconsin, how unions in this country operate when things don’t go their way.

Courts and juries have an opportunity to prevent future violence, sure to come when Federal and State entitlements dry up and employment climbs, or they can throw their lot in with the progressive crowd and take a gamble their side will prevail.

I think it will break down regionally at first.