Let's Outlaw Crazy

I have been thinking of a way to satisfy the burning, itching, and uncontrollable urge by progressives to link the shooting at the elementary school in Connecticut with some sort of gun federal confiscation law.

Let logic prevail.

Most, if not all, of the left wing gun control advocates I know - have guns.

Right down the road from me there lived a retired school teacher from DC who had the standard anti-handgun sticker on her Honda. She showed me “her fathers” old gun from when he was a salesman. It was made by Fitchburg Bicycle works, if I remember correctly, probably a .32 caliber that could wound an opponent pretty well if he was close enough. And to make the handgun even more “dangerous” it has some sort of brass knuckles in the grip. She has passed away and I would bet some other anti-handgun family member has it now.

And we all remember Carl Rowan a Washington Post opinion leader of the left who shot, with an illegal handgun, an unarmed, half naked, white, teenager for swimming in his pool.

Sports “stars” are always shooting someone as well.

So why not at least get a head start on gun confiscation. Why not ask liberals, progressives, sports stars, and dare I suggest, Hollywood types, (This includes you, Imus!) to turn in their guns. Have a day each year when just liberals hand over their weapons and ammo.

We could start with Saturday Night Specials then go on to expensive handguns, ending with sporting and assault weapons.

I have suggested in the past that people who don’t have guns simply register at the town hall so it would in effect “out” the real gun owners and thereby create a National Gun Registration list many progressives feel they want.

That idea never caught on, probably because so many liberals have guns.

But this recent shooting by a person with severe mental health issues might be a game-changer. Maybe now liberals will be willing to start a national trend and turn in their guns.

How do you like my new anti-gun slogan?

“Until Guns are Outlawed Let Liberals Turn in Their Guns”