In Order To Form A More Perfect Union

I have always tried to use logic to solve problems. But I know this does not work in the crazy world of politics with elected officials who do not have term limits.

Let’s try liberal logic in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

I think a total news blackout would benefit everyone involved with an incident like this.

We could set up a panel of government officials who could monitor the news and stop any reporting on a school shooting – until the facts are in.

Now wouldn’t that be a novel, progressive response? I think it would in liberal terms.

You would have a government panel, who doesn’t like that, one with everyone’s best interests in mind, monitor scary news so it doesn’t make politicians jump to conclusions, like we see in the Ct. case.

This is totally Constitutional as well because the Founding Fathers never envisioned a 24 hour news cycle or instant live reporting. Just like the Founding Fathers supposedly never envisioned semi, let alone fully, automatic weapons.

We could make news reporting and freedom of speech a “collective right” like we have heard lawyers for the ACLU say the Second Amendment is.

Besides, I don’t want to listen to the news about Sandy Hook until all the facts are in, just like some hunters don’t care if other gun owners have their guns restricted. A government body would collect the news and give it to reporters all at once.

We have news blackouts right now with Hillary and Benghazi, the Marine in Mexico, a new black TEA Party Senator from South Carolina, and how much debt we really have in our country, Senator Robert Menendez’s boy/sex offender/illegal alien pal and former Gov. Rendell scamming the Pa. gambling industry for personal gain, to name a few.

If we are going to ignore the Second Amendment shouldn’t we at least start with the First Amendment and work down the list?