Share The Wealth

Warren Buffet, the liberal billionaire, is always having fun at the expense of the facts. Why should he care, he is too big to fail and locked hip to hip with big government where his money keeps him from paying his “fair share” – or he wouldn’t have most of it.

Buffett is selling the idea of more taxes on billionaires like himself. But Warren never does anything but offer to pay more. In fact, he is the beneficiary of enough legal counsel to stave off millions in taxes he owes but is contesting.

One group of people who actually do send Uncle Scam taxes voluntarily is America’s sportsmen.

Under a 1937 agreement, the Pittman-Robertson Act, sportsmen agreed to be taxed on fishing gear, ammunition, guns, etc. in exchange for that money being matched and used by states for conservation and habitat improvement.

This all worked well as salmon were re-introduced, fish ladders created and so on.

But now, under the Budget Control Act of 2012, the guarantees for that money never to be touched by Congress, we have an absorption of the promised sportsmen’s funds into the greedy hands of the Washington DC spenders general fund.

Thank you Obama.

I wonder how our new NH moonbat delegation will vote on this bait and switch scheme when they get their marching orders from Nancy Pelosi.

Sportsmen should have known to never make a deal with the Devil.