An Unexpected Christmas Gift

This may be a breakthrough in American life.

People who just want to be left alone and not marched to the beat of different liberal drummers who happen to move in next door and claim otherwise peaceful, affordable communities as little utopias may have a new weapon in their arsenal.

Oh please, let this be a national trend!

A New York newspaper has tried to intimidate licensed gun owners by printing an interactive map of their homes in the latest edition of their Democrat Party mouthpiece.

I think this is fabulous idea because of the statement made by an anonyMOUSE moonbat who was interviewed for this story about “the gun owner next door.”

“I think that the access to guns in this country is ridiculous, that anybody can get one,” said a neighbor of Wilson’s who requested anonymity because it’s not known whether the gunman, whose unnamed victim survived, will return home or be sent to prison. “Would I have bought this house knowing somebody (close by) had an arsenal of weapons? No, I would not have.”

This means all I have to do is buy a couple scary guns and a few thousand rounds and this chicken turd moonbat will not want to live next to me?

Oh please let this be a new opportunity to live among real people and at the same time cluster the tax and spenders in their own communities – never to leave for greener pastures when they eventually tax themselves beyond their ability to pay.

On several occasions here at the ranch my neighbors have come up to shoot when they hear me shooting. It’s like living in America the way it was designed to be

I don’t want to live next to a pant load any more than a pant load would want to live next to me. I was here first in any case.

This may be the best thing to ever happen during a “discussion” of gun control – controlling the moonbats that want control of everything they don’t like.

Let’s keep up the frenzy and whip up the anti- Second Amendment, anti-gun owner, anti-neighbor hatred and pray this trend continues. Whipping up hate is something progressives are good at. In the end we will see which neighborhoods are safe, free of agitators, and affordable.