When Guns Are Outlawed Only Liberals Will Have Guns

The pompous pixie known as David Gregory, another moonbat journalist fighting for social justice through his talking head credentials, has made the silly mistake of violating one of Washington DC’s many gun confiscation laws – that work so well.

Gregory was spoiling for a fight with Wayne Lapierre of the National Rifle Association on a Sunday Democrat entertainment show when he held up an illegal, in DC, semi-auto 30 round magazine as a prop. That is a clear violation of DC anti Second Amendment law.

Luckily, the hopefully empty, magazine didn’t blow off Gregory’s pencil thin, tofu-filled arm.

But Gregory did not walk away unscathed. He exposed his arrogance and ignorance once again.

You know, just having a magazine like this could trigger a response from ATF such as we saw in Waco, Texas back when Hillary and Bill were President.

That small plywood church in Waco had about as much reason to be attacked with high capacity automatic weapons and low brain function agents as the Gregory home does now.

Why not have a van full of ATF agents, SWAT teams, and local boys descend on the Gregory abode and look for the scary weapon Gregory’s magazine came from? (Logical assumption.)

Picture Dick, half out of a closet with a fully auto machine gun jammed in his face – like the cool picture of Elian Gonzales shoved in the corner of a family member’s home just before he was kidnapped by Federal agents to be handed over to Castro. Of course we wouldn’t see Gregory handed over to Castro in this case, they are most likely friends, but you get the idea.


Many Americans are subjected to unwarranted assault and harm by scared little boys in some sort of uniform for much less than having part of their assault weapon at work. (Isn’t NBC headquarters in DC a gun free zone?)

I know Hollywood reporters are not subject to gun laws like citizens are but it would be interesting to see Dick Gregory frog-marched out of his home.