Democrat War On Union Member's Second Amendment Rights

I used to think union members had some cajones but apparently that is just another myth.

Democrats ran a national campaign supposedly based on protecting Medicare, protecting the Supreme Court rights of women to extinguish unwanted children’s lives, getting even with Republicans, hate, and all that stuff.

I would have thought union members wanted things like jobs, a rip-roaring economy, and to keep their firearms.

Color me confused.

Looks like union members are willing to surrender their Second Amendment rights to own a gun - without being fingerprinted.

Do you think union members were aware of Democrat Senator Feinstein’s hidden agenda of retroactive registration of legal firearms?

Either they were or they are stupid.

I guess we will see if they are stupid enough to let government officials call them in for fingerprinting.

Look for the union label – first the thumb, then the fingers, turn your head and cough.

Get in line union boys.