Krazy Kuster Got A Pay Raise Already!

"Cheap Shot Kuster" has finally won a US House of Representative seat from NH, making our delegation 100% moonbat, and nasty to boot.

Remember Kuster’s glorious campaign against Charlie Bass? She called him every name in the book, always trying to portray him as a crook.

Here is a sample of her handy work:

"After voting to raise his own pay eight times during his fourteen years in Congress, Congressman Bass has apparently had an election-year change of heart," Kuster said. "While we need to cut and cap Congressional pay, New Hampshire voters deserve better than election-year gimmicks from politicians like Congressman Bass who have spent their careers raising their own pay and protecting their Congressional perks."

Isn’t it surprising that Barack Obama has just delivered another spending bonanza to his friends in government – a big fat pay raise to Uncle Joe and Congress.

I imagine the key issue of Annie Kuster’s campaign of lies about Charlie Bass will have her sponsoring a bill to cut Congressional pay?

We’ll see if Krazy Kuster can get a bill like that past her boss, Nancy Pelosi.