Little Bang Theory

Oh, boy we are blessed with this Second Amendment story from – Chicago!

Bow-tied bum-kisser and Illinois State Senator Donne Something or Other, an anti Second Amendment moonbat, was arrested yesterday trying to board a plane with a gun and ammunition.

How many times have we heard this story; anti gun nut caught with, or shoots someone with, gun.

So Donne’s attempt to run for Congressman Jessie Jackson’s old seat hits a bump. But an arrest is often a resume enhancer in Chicago. Good luck to him in any case.

Being a gun guy myself I wondered what this moonbat was doing with a .25 caliber Baretta. That is just one step away from a .22 caliber. Does Donne have a fear of squirrels or paper targets?

The story I read about Donne said he was a security guard in his spare time.

That does not compute either. Why would a security guard carry a weapon good for almost nothing in a shooting gallery like Chicago?

Oh well, at least he didn’t kill anyone or lose the thing in an elementary school sand box.

He has several defenses to his Saturday Night Special dilemma:

1. Insanity.

2. It looked like a toy.

3. Do as I say and legislate - not as I do.

4. Donne was testing airport security as a personal project.

5. Bi-polar issues from drinking Chicago water.

6. Hey, all the anti-gun nuts have guns!

7. Wayne Lapierre made me do it.

8. This all because I am black.

9. I meant to bring my box cutter.

10. I’m a Liberal Democrat.