Many California Teachers Get $100,000.00 Per Year Retirement - Good Deal!

The financial comptroller of California gave some interesting news to Moonbat Jerry Brown today, according to news releases.

The wildly popular new taxes enacted in November by California’s 47% voters, much of which take effect in April of 2013 have already had an impact on the state budget revenue column.

California has come up over $800 BILLION dollars short of projections – just for the month of November.

This makes Governor Jerry Brown a solid Democrat candidate for President in 2016. He can get things done.

Jerry Brown is a Democrat who CARES about people and is willing to INVEST in higher taxes as a way to offset wasteful government spending. I think they call it Keynesian tax and spending. And you can not argue with his results.

I used to take a great big chart of ten years California State Budgets to taxpayer outings here in NH  as an example of what a state income tax provides, and show the roller coaster ride the California income tax proves to be. April is the month the crap hits the fan because that is when much of the income tax money comes in – or not.

In lean years California would borrow billions or tax more. In surplus years they “invested” the extra in more spending like a ratchet tightens a rusty nut.

Stay tuned in 2013 for “April in California,” a documentary to be made by some former California director living in Texas, in all probability.

Who would have ever guessed this would happen?

Forward Democrats, FORWARD!