Jury Duty

As of Wednesday I am done with jury duty in Hillsborough Superior North. I have been on jury assignment, if you can call it that, since January and have sat on three juries.

The last one was regarding a control freak who decided to continue stalking a high school classmate he dated briefly 20 years ago.

Alone at home with a phone, he made a big miscalculation. Colin Guerin decided to pose as NH State Trooper Briggs to get some info on his victim.

Dumb move! Of all the names to pick to pretend being a NH cop.


Guerin called the mother of his victim, claiming to be “Trooper Briggs,” got a current number of a childhood friend of the victim and thought he was on easy street. Soon after this the targets figured out he was calling from a residence in NH, not a police barracks.

Suddenly, Guerin was subjected to an unexpected call by a very protective and very real father of the victim’s friend and asked if he was indeed a NH Trooper. Guerin mumbled something about being under deep cover and the father promised to call the real NH State Police.

Guerin tried to call the NH State Police himself to create an alibi and sealed his own fate – a charge of False Report to a Police Officer. It was a recorded call we had as evidence.

We found Guerin guilty on two counts; Personation of a Police Officer and False Report.

Guerin had an extremely competent attorney from Haverhill Ma. named  Gleason. The case was so lopsided against Guerin you almost felt sorry his lawyer.

A Hillsborough County prosecutor named Valentine did a very thorough job with a case involving telephone conversations, maneuvering around several objections regarding hearsay evidence.