Family Values Hollywood Style

Oh pitiful JC Penny.

Some middle management JC Penny genius offered up Ellen Degenerus as a new spokesexual for their store.

Gee, I wonder who that may have been? Seems not to be an issue in the "debate" about who is a good spokesexual or not.

And with Pavlov reflexes the Million Moms bleat - just as the spokesexual wanted.

Game on - again. This is about as tiring as Ellen's non-dancing, which garners as much forced laughter and unrestrained screaming as Oprah giving junk away on her old show.

I know the choice of Ellen was meant to cause controvercey and spark a giggle among the smart set. And now we have it.

So why not go all in?

I suggest we show that moral mom majority gang a thing or two and nominate, family man, husband, father, adopter, and all round Hollywood Icon, Woody Allen, to co-spokesexual with Ellen.

Now THAT would piss off the "pro-family" crowd all Hollywoodites know are the true bigots and haters. Ellen said so in her snappy rebuttal. After all, if you want a real family in America today you need to go to actors like Ellen and Woody for advice on how to raise kids.