W. Huston, DOA in Hollywood

The Hollywood progressive values of America came home to roost at the Houston hotel room last night.

A phenomenal singer with a gift from God who honed her skills singing gospel music in church made it big time into the inner circles of pop fame.

Whitney Huston is now being exalted in death by the Hollywood elites who call her “friend.”

Watch as they all lock arms in songs of self recognition on some stage - after elbowing for the best camera angle.

Whitney was a Hollywood Star with talent, a very, very, rare thing these days.

Its circle the wagons around the red carpet time now she is no longer here to be exploited by music industry giants, producers, hangers-on and other forms of parasites.

In Hollywood you are measured differently than the lower classes. One has to have a defined set of liberal, anti-traditional, pro-degenerate behavior, Hollywood principals.

Charlie Sheen, for instance, is treated as though he received the Medal of Honor for simply shaking a drug and hooker habit. It is though he was drafted into some army and saved his platoon by single-handed combat with the enemy, when in fact, all of his problems and those affected around him, such as his children, were of his own making. And he could not have been the disgusting creature he was and may become again without Hollywood money and support.

There is some sort of recognition of a superior warrior class of elite who took on a self-imposed drug habit and walked away to act or sing another day. They almost always get a new show or opportunity from Hollywood supporters. Never do they seem to get help from their Hollywood pals. Where is the story of an actor or singer who was saved by a friend?

Whitney Huston was in her hotel prepping for a big Grammy night out of drugs and excess featuring the most empty people on Earth. Her body guard found her.

“I know, Whitney has a drug problem, let’s invite her to the Grammies.” What could go wrong?

Of all the predatory creatures posing as humans in this country the Hollywood elites should see a Whitney Huston death coming miles away. But she was welcome to come be a spectacle at another Clive Davis “party” so everyone could hob-knob, name drop, and show up in glamour shots in trade magazines.

I watched about 45 minutes of Whitney Huston clips on TV this morning before anyone mentioned she had a daughter. It is safe to assume the next thing we hear about her will be a sex change or drug habit.

Sing away, “Friends of Whitney.”