A Little Pervspective

Our news media helps Democrats vet Republican Presidential candidates with the time worn tactics:

1.  __________ dogged by past statements.

2.  __________ backtracks on previous position.

3.  __________ past comes back to haunt him.

Biased talking heads also get to take pot shots at Republican candidates through their positions as panelists at rigged debates, which for some stupid reason Republicans still attend.

But every so often it becomes necessary to sit back and see just where the chosen party of the left leaning press is, in relation to those nasty, greedy, religious Republicans.

Some past Democrat up and comers:

John Edwards is currently trying to explain how his 2008 Campaign Committee has spent almost one million dollars – in 2011. Neither can he explain how he used campaign money to pay off a mistress. John is quoted as being unhappy about his gal pal not erasing their sex tape. And we have little info on his love child. But she is not a teenager yet. That will come.

Al Gore had a problem in his long marriage to Tipper when a masseuse claimed he had tried to rape her, and all that stuff. He is now divorced and bought a $9 million dollar home in California. Green money spends just fine.

John Kerry fell on his face into a plastic surgeon at a hockey game and has two black and bag-free eyes. He also slipped a $3.2 billion appropriation into ObamaCare that dumps some of that money into a 15 bed hospital for the filthy rich and famous out on Nantucket. The rest goes in Massachusetts as well.

John Corzine is neck deep in financial dealings too numerous to detail here but his conviction and sentencing should be more concise and readable. He could’a been a contenda.

Joe Lieberman was driven from the Democrat Party and kept his dignity.

Anthony Weiner This next in line for mayor of New York was last mentioned on the internet for soliciting a three-way with a twitter gal friend hoping to get his hands on a guy partner. Suddenly, he avoids cameras pointed at his crotch and face. It wasn’t that long ago he was the answer man for the Democrats on every media available. And to think he dated Kirsten Powers, currently of Fox News and former “Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Public Affairs” for Bill Clinton. Probably when Monica worked there!

Bill Clinton is probably in the best part of his disgusting life. Writers are starting to come up with a new way of understanding him: Women were mesmerized. How that compares with his documented sexual assaults is anyone’s guess. But think about it. Who would come forward now? Good hunting Bill!

Last but not least.

Mimi Alford another in a long list of White House sex slaves has a book out about being courted by your typical Kennedy – passed around like an old hat. Maybe someday the Chappaquidik call girls will write a book? Naaaa.

Now back to Newt.