Can A Judge Choke On Coffey?

I wrote an article a few months ago about NH Rep. Jim Coffey who was arrested for “stealing” a personnel file from the Town of Hillsborough where he formerly worked.

Seeing the news stories at the time, something didn’t seem right. Jim Coffey isn’t dumb. He would need a reason to take a file from the Town and knew he would be arrested.

I speculated at the time that Rep. Coffey may have wanted to make the file part of a criminal case, thereby locking everything in the file in place. Nothing contained in the file at the time would “slip out” as might happen in a town hall setting.

Well, last week Jim Coffey was in court to answer the charges.

I know it is hard to imagine, but there was no effort by the media to cover what was a front page story after the arrest.


The District Court judge now has the case and is tasked with a decision Solomon would shirk from.

A public servant is charged with stealing from a Town where he worked – and knows every detail of personal interactions and financial transactions in that town for years!

NH Judges are always covering up the litter box of municipal exploits, it is one of their main functions. I know this from 20 years of tracking municipal criminals.

So how in the world does a District Court judge come up with a verdict that satisfies his two masters in this case.

There is no verdict yet as far as I know but let's wait and see how we thread the needle this time.