There Is No "Morning After Pill" For Socialism

Gas will be $4 and change per gallon in a few short, glorious weeks.

Have you ever seen a one gallon can people! A loaf of bread could fill it. And bread is $4 per loaf if you want it kinda brown with some seeds sprinkled in.

Israel is loading heavy armaments under the wings of very fast planes pointed due east, under the watchful eye of, gulp, Hillary or Madonna somebody from Arkansas.

The economy is in shambles no matter what “experts” say.

Pelosi is reading out loud what is really in ObamaCare while waving her bony hands around in circles. (We haven’t gotten back to the death panels, yet.)

And you can’t get a loan unless you are a failing Green Company run by a hedge fund manager who bundles money for Democrats and used to own a Savings and Loan in California back in the 80’s.

Nothing like a real unemployment rate of 11% or so with underemployment double that number to get one thinking about what is in store for us in the next four years.

But the single most important issue of the day is…birth control – of the media.

Birth Control-Of The Media is just about the only news being reported about Rick Santorum. There were some 4,000 related stories about Senator Santorum on Google today. The press is hard at work. Fear is a merciless motivator.

I can’t get enough of those overheated birth control debates.

But Old Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t seem that interested in the whole birth control issue. I saw a photo of Obama out on the campaign trail, clenched fist in the air, whipping up the clueless.

Maybe we should be paying attention to an old campaign gimmick called “triangulation” instead of Birth Control-of The Media? Otherwise we are going to get the kind of screwed birth control doesn’t prevent.