What Can You Get For $1.5 Billion?

If I was a Republican campaign guru intent on asking Barack Obama some embarrassing questions regarding his arrogant campaign promises of making America look good around the globe again I might ask about the 100 US Special Forces he dispatched to Uganda – never to be heard of again.

But there is nothing but silence on Obama’s war on some 250 rag tag rebels hiding in the Ugandan bush.

So how about something a tad easier to understand

How is that Sam LaHood incident moving along over there in Egypt, you know, where Uncle Sam annually sends $1.5 billion dollars of our money to Egyptian “shovel ready” scams? Egypt starts show trials against 19 Americans next week and the US is powerless to stop it.

You would think that an American President with the middle name, Hussein, would be shown some respect. Nope, that hasn’t helped.

And even the consummate bureaucrat skills of Leon Panetta can’t budge Egyptian efforts to put a son of a prominent Democrat on trial for simply “spreading democracy” in their country. (What a springboard to future political office that would have been for Sam had this worked out.)

Obama also is getting a pass from Republicans for appointing Hillary to a position normally reserved for someone with half a brain. She jets to and fro across the planet on some sort of cheek kissing tour as American interests and respect deteriorate to a non-existent level.

Oh how the rest of the world wanted Obama for President not that many years ago. And our progressive main stream media chimed in.

Hope and Change.

Sam LaHood better hope there is a change in November.

Because if Sam LaHood is waiting for Barack, Leon, and Hillary to bail him out it may be a long time coming.