Go South Young Mano, Go South!

The Obama Administration News Outlet, AP Wire Service, has a story featuring the highest unemployment rates in US cities.

Here they are:

Highest unemployment rates December 2011

El Centro, Calif. 26.8

Yuma, Ariz. 23.1

Merced, Calif. 18.7

Yuba City, Calif. 18.1

Visalia-Porterville, Calif. 16.2

Fresno, Calif. 16.2

Modesto, Calif. 16.1

Stockton, Calif. 15.9

Hanford-Corcoran, Calif. 15.3

Ocean City, N.J. 15.1

I checked with this web site:


regarding areas with low unemployment rates.

Mexico has a 5.4 unemployment rate as of January 2012.

The solution is simple:

Go where the jobs are that Mexicans will not do - and find work.