Lucky Me

I have been serving on jury duty in Hillsborough North off and on as I get called or excused.

As a resident of NH and DOMICILED here in our State, as well as holding a valid drivers license, I was randomly selected for this honor along with many others who are above the age of 23 and under 70 (my observation.).

The first thing I learned from two trials so far is surprising:

Manchester Police do not answer direct questions from attorneys.

Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit.

It takes at least four attempts with the same question to get an answer - if you get one relevant to the question asked.

Example: "Officer, does Kelly Street have lines painted in the middle of of it?"

Answer: "Its a two lane street."

Another Example: "Officer, when you "moved" the bystander, how did you move her?"

Answer: "I moved her."

Again: "How did you move her?"

Answer: "I moved her out of my way."

Again: "With your hands, how did you move her?"

Answer: "I moved her."

And this is how it goes, on and on.

I wonder how a non-resident juror would deliberate with testimony like this?

Oh, that's right, they don't have to go to jury duty.