Lighten Up Guys

I am a bit saddened by a part of the last Republican Debate I caught between Red Eye commercials the other night.

Rick Santorum was answering some charge that he voted for some spending a conservative should not support. He actually admitted it! How refreshing!!!!

Rick Santorum explained his vote as part of an effort by his party to move some larger agenda forward…bla, bla, bla.

Then the part I remember.

Santorum said “politics is a team sport.”

So the next question was to Ron Paul who jumped at the Santorum “team sport” answer with his usual reference to the Constitution.

I thought it was a cheap shot.

Ron Paul knows, or should know by now, that the Constitution was the result of a team effort.

No lone wolf won everything in it.

No single, uncompromising ideologue wrote and passed Ron Paul’s favorite fall back position on every issue.

The US Constitution was a result of principled compromise.

If Ron Paul was there when the Constitution was adopted, would he have voted for it if a single part of it conflicted with any of his principals? His history as a legislator says me might have voted no.

Ron Paul and Rick Santorum offer candid answers to questions in this presidential cycle.

To me they seem to say what is on their mind and speak as though “no handlers need apply” to their campaigns.

I only saw this part of the debate. I hope it wasn’t all like this.