I've Been Working On My Own Middle East Policy!

If we are going to deal with Islamists on a regular basis like we have since 1805 or so, maybe we should use some tactics that may be more on their level of understanding, like Thomas Jefferson did.

If by accident or by mistake some Korans get burned and it results in week long riots and murder of Americans, then apologize like hell about the Korans.

And when it comes to Islamic terrorists killing Americans WE should go nuts.

How about some huge marches on American cities objecting to any slight against and American? (Photo shop the marches, they will never figure it out.)

Open up some silos, arm some fighter jets, float a battleship up next to some coveted object, bomb some power plants, harbors, refineries, dams, or other modern structures real Islamists don’t really need in the first place.

This would not take very long (with a centrally located base) and not put too many of our troops in danger.

Let’s face it. Islamic terrorists are under the illusion they are great warriors. This feeling probably comes from constantly beating up women from the time they are old enough to walk, with no repercussions, by the way.

Think how peaceful the world would be if a woman slapped a Muslim back once in a while. But this will never change so back to how to deal with international punks and bullies.

Short, effective, violence is universally understood.

But in this part of the World tribes and families are where the action is.  You make a tribe pay for the sins of its “warriors.” Leave a tribe or family so weak the other chickens in coop pick on it. The “warriors” from the other tribes will jump at the chance to slit the throats of neighbors they have hated much longer than us. Treating Iran or Iraq as a single entity is nothing but problems. These countries, for the most part, were created by victors after wars or by empires.

When you really look at the problems dealing with tribal lunatics who are only connected by various strains of a religion, their same constant enemy, besides us, emerges – Israel.

All the shaggy warriors want to kill Israelis after beating up a girl because Israelis are a formidable enemy with which to prove your questionable manhood.

So why not make a deal?

Jerusalem or Israel for something Islamic warriors might desire – Mecca.

Take a look at Mecca on a map. http://www.sacred-destinations.com/saudi-arabia/mecca-satellite-map.htm

There is not a single thing which protects this chunk of crappy real estate from attack by air, satellite, or sea. Only a small amount of people live there. It is easily isolated and central to the region. Six roads in, six roads out.

Why not have a sensible Middle East policy.

Kill an American, pay a horrible price. No tribe to return to, no family power to hide behind, nowhere to hide in a hole until Marines show up.

Threaten an ally where thousands of Americans live and do business - you jeopardize your sacred city as well. It will be no longer. And Saudi Arabia could care less about Mecca. They treat it like a dump.

Mecca would make a perfect site for a US Air base. And the Islamic warriors would have to travel there to do battle. In fact, they would be obligated to. No neighborhoods for US troops to worry about, no kids or women to hide behind.

Islamists need only pilgrimage towards Mecca with their RPG if they want to fight the Great Satan. And remember terrorists, while you are off fighting, your cousins are back at the tribe beating up your sister.