He Must Have Landed On His Little Hose

Here we have a new reason not to  call a volunteer fire department to your home if you can put the fire out yourself.

JASON ANTOSZ & a. v. DOREE ALLAIN was just decided by the NH Supreme Court in January.

Fallunteer Fireman Jason Antosz sued Epping homeowner Doree Allain for a slip and fall on her driveway during a water heater fire at the Allain residence.

NH volunteer firemen have insurance through Workman’s Comp. But that apparently did not satisfy Fallunteer Firefighter Jason and his wife who is suing for lack some sort marital “satisfaction” as well.

So back to NH’s Superior Court with all the slippery details to see what the fallunteer fireman and his bride get from a taxpaying homeowner.

Maybe we can find a man bites dog event for the NH Supreme Court to look at.

Or some Sharia decisions that need deciding.