If We Can Call A Kid FAT...

Just some casual education observation:

Education experts pronounce children as “chiltren.” That is just a fact. Listen for yourself. I think is code for something eduspeak.

And from there we go to:

“The chiltren” who attend government schools are supposedly “our children.” And if that is true then are government school teachers “our teachers” as well?

We all involuntarily pay for the support of our government schools and the teachers where our children are stuck every day. So that should make “our teachers,” ours, right?

And now the unscientific study I have done with my own two eyes:

Not only are “our chiltren” alarmingly overweight, so are “our teachers.”

Have you seen a group of government school teachers lately? Holy cow!

What is packed in their lunch and do we have lunch police for them?

Just Google images of teachers yourself. They are all slim and so attractive.

Next, Google images of union teachers. Better break out the livestock scales.

No wonder classrooms are over crowded. You have a five foot three inch two hundred and fifty pound teacher, two aides for her, two aids for the special needs kids, and a handful of obese children. Suddenly you have an elbow to elbow non-learning environment at $20,000.00 per head.

I guess this is why our schools are so over crowded even though there are fewer chiltren every year.

Just a casual and frightening observation.