Run This Up The Pole And See If It Flaps

What the Republican Party really wants is a perfect candidate. They are a few years away from that goal. It would require super advanced tissue regeneration from a former president who articulated what his policies were in an understandable manner – with humor.

Since Republicans can not find a candidate who can match up with Reagan they are attempting to do what they hope is the next best thing, find a candidate who polls well.

All American politics are centered around polling, polling, and more polling.

Candidates respond to polling like Pavlov’s Dogs.

That is what republicans think they need instead of a perfect candidate – a “perfect poller.”

Forget policy, ideas, past voting records, integrity, or anything to do with what is part of the makeup of a perfect candidate, or even a winning candidate. Stick with winning the polls.

Right now we have four Republican candidates left standing, three of which were “unelectable” just a few months ago. So sayeth the polls.

One of the candidates had this whole primary locked up from day one. He had all the money and any attempt to derail him would be futile.

That is what the polls said. We even knew beforehand he would win Iowa!

Now I read about the Republican elites wanting to limit the primary process so we don’t have a primary like this again. But these primary rules are the result of not enough primary action in the last one. McCain, the perfect poller, had it all locked up. Some voters felt cheated.

McCain was a flip flopping, Washington insider, very friendly with the press, so he polled well.

How many people think I’m right?

If enough of you respond negatively I’ll re-write my article to make you happy.