See A Gadsen Flag - Wet Your Pants, Youre A Liberal

I picked up a copy of the laughably liberal Keene Sentinel, just for a hoot.

When one reads a liberal, progressive, Marxist, media production there are certain expectations, such as creating a new cerebral reality to live in.

Keene Sentinel front page: Is the tea party really over?

Three years in a row now liberals have been puzzled by this sudden act of defiance by America’s sheep. Weren’t we all supposed to be in charge by now and have eradicated all opposition to a Socialist Utopia? I mean “change” won. We have “change.”

So in an effort to show emotional support for confused Keene Sentinel readers we have headlines of hope. Maybe the unwashed will go away. Oh please make the Tea Party go away.

But until then can we demonize them some more? It makes a liberal feel more justified.

continued from page one…

Page A 5 has the rest of the standard story about the Tea party under a photo of Tea Partiers labeled as a small crowd, something which anti-war protesters in Keene are never labeled.

Where is any story about Keene’s anti-war movement disappearing - since Obama invaded Uganda?

Ooops, sorry, wrong reality.

And right next to the Tea Party story is one about The Sovereign Citizen Movement. What, you didn’t guess that was coming?

Occupy Keene gets a free pass for disappearing and having no constructive agenda. The Tea Party is linked on the same page as the secretive anti-government, police killing group of terrorists. Just like the ones Barack Obama hung with in Chicago in his young communist days of rage.

The Sentinel easily drummed up a reason to put the Sovereign Citizen Movement on the same page as the Tea Party.

But isn’t the Weather Underground a sort of sovereign citizen movement? They set off bombs and killed police in a more proactive way than the Sovereign Citizen movement. SC members hide away and collect guns and canned goods. I can not think of a SC group who went after the White House. Standoffs in isolated areas mark the killings associated with SC groups. None teach at any universities or are elected to office.

But Keene is a city with a non-reality base – a state college off of which to feed.

And now Keene has its own MoonBat Mobile to drive around in looking for patriotic terrorists.

Talk about a non-reality based city afraid of the dark things they refuse to understand.