Drip, Drip II

I was so happy to see the liberal Olympia Snowe depart the United States Senate I didn’t take any time to listen to her predictable reason.

The poor baby doesn’t understand what is going on in the Senate she loves so much.

The playground is no longer fun and she is, in a roundabout fashion, blaming her friends.

But for all the time Olympia has been warming a Senate seat she has learned little about what is going on around her.

Let us go to the handbook bible of her pals, the Democrats.

Whenever you need to know what Harry Reid is doing just open up Saul Alinsky’s directions for “change.”

Here is the relevant part Olympia:

“One acts decisively ONLY when in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other.”

(I think you can find that bit of Alinsky knowledge on pages 127-134.)

If you think about how ineffective Republicans have been over the years it is because of people like Olympia Snowe who dream that people who live by the creed of total polarization need only be placated and compromised with, not defeated.

How foolish to not understand where the American Left is coming from.

How foolish to help them get there by trying to be a “moderate” power broker, one of the Gang of 14 who sell out their country on a daily basis.

So long Olympia. Go work for bipartisan ship.

Maybe you can overcome gravity while you are at it.