Lets' Call Them "Deceased From The Neck Up" Voters

Secretary of State Bill Gardner has a job to do – make the NH Election Laws look legitimate. It is a tough job but he has been the guy in charge of our elections for a very, very, long time - maybe too long.

Gardner puts out an election manual with all the non-enforced laws in it. You can find at:


Here is a portion of Page #8 where he makes reference to deceased voters – you know, like the ones the Project Veritas journalists uncovered in their now famous video sting.

I have highlighted and underlined the laughable part of Gardner’s manual.



Only those persons legally qualified to vote should have their names maintained on a town or city checklist. Inaccurate checklists which list the name of a person who has moved from town, died, become an incarcerated felon or who has otherwise become ineligible to vote make it easier to commit voting fraud. While there is evidence of this occurring rarely in New Hampshire in the recent past, historically in the United States one common form of voting fraud is the use of the name of a dead or absent person, whose name is still listed on the checklist, by a person who is not qualified to vote. The public confidence in New Hampshire’s election system may be diminished when a voter reviews the checklist, and finds the names of people who the voter knows are no longer alive or no longer qualified to vote. Over time, the Secretary of State plans to cooperate with other Secretaries of State in exchanging information on voters who have moved and registered in other states. The legislature has authorized supervisors to automatically remove a voter from the checklist if that voter notifies either the United States Post Office or the Department of Safety (driver’s license/vehicle registration) that he or she has permanently moved from that town or ward. RSA 654:36-b. These steps will significantly reduce the number of names on the checklist of people who are no longer authorized to vote.”

Mr. Secretary of State. You failed to mention same day voters!

Same day, non-resident voters vote in NH by the thousands every election cycle, steal NH residents votes, and are never heard of again.

You know this.

You monitor this.

The AG investigated it in 2000 and collected dozens of names in Durham of same day non-residents who re-registered back in their own town, within a week, cheating the same day system you protect.

Recently, according to RSA 654:39, NH purged the voter lists of all municipalities of 160,000 non-existent voters.

Here is the relevant part of the law:

“IV. For the purpose of this section, a person shall be deemed reregistered and need not appear before the supervisors if:

       (a) The person voted in any election within the 4 years immediately preceding a 10-year verification; or”

In reality, the thousands and thousands of same day voters who registered in 2008 and 2010 are still UN-PURGED because they voted within the four years of the so-called purge.

This leaves thousands of names on checklists of people who might as well be deceased because they are not, and never have been, NH residents - so much for the phony NH voter purge. All you have to have to steal all the votes you need to win any NH election is a list of who left NH after registering same-day. Have a surrogate say the name of the long gone voter and no one will challenge them.

Now where would one find a list of non-resident college students who graduated and left NH in the last four years…hmmmm?