Suddenly Uganda Falls Off The Face Of The Earth

It may pay from time to time to read up on Barack Obama’s secret war in Uganda where we have 100 Special Forces fathers, brothers, and sons chasing 250 terrorists hiding in the African bush - in the name of American international stability, I guess.

American news sources can not criticize or question Obama during a critical election year but I think we have a right to some info regarding Obama’s war in Africa. Newt’s ex wives get pretty boring after a while.

Here is one web site I found with some current info on the subject of Obama’s secret African war:

My wife works as a flight attendant on US commercial aircraft and is currently on a ten day trip shuttling US troops between Germany and Kuwait. She brings me English language papers from Africa as well as other parts of the world. I try to keep up and enjoy reading about things the US media will never report.

Too bad a lowly blogger such as me has to crack open the real news about Obama foreign policy and secret wars.

Any one else notice that?

It makes me wonder about the anti-war signs I see on lawns in Concord and Henniker for instance.

Do they mean no war in Uganda as well as Bush's wars?