We Will Let You Watch Football But You Can't Own A Gun, Fair Enough?

Most people forget that one of them main purposes of the Democrat Party in America is elimination of gun ownership by any means possible. One can not be for a Socialist Utopia when the low classes own weapons.

Recent elections have seen the issue of outlawing private gun ownership avoided entirely, but it has not and never will be lost as a main goal of all liberals. It is who they are.

Liberals don’t mind local or state police forces becoming militarized with automatic weapons and assault vehicles. That never seems to bother them for some reason, makes you wonder why?

Thank you to NY City Mayor Bloomberg and Mumbles Menino of Boston for bringing the issue back big time. And of all the venues they could have used money which might have gone to a good cause, these two opted to buy anti-Second Amendment time during the Super Bowl! It shows just how important gun confiscation is to liberals.


Obama, during a second term, would love to have his Attorney General prosecute law abiding gun owners. So would the mayors of most major cities. He would have no re-election constraints during a second term.

Liberal mayors never change their spots because liberal politicians in cities thrive in their left wing vote ghettos, free to express their contempt for the US Constitution in the name of “safety.” And city liberals win re-election, over and over.

National Democrat candidates have learned to tread lightly around gun confiscation because the public in fly-over country has turned against them. An anti-Second Amendment candidate for president would never be elected in a general election, a fact they finally understand.

Once again, thank you Bloomberg and Mumbles for being yourselves for all to see.