Pearls Of Wisdom From An Oyster

The Oyster River School Board violates the Right to Know Law and remains a board of heroes to Foster’s reporter Andrea Bulfinch.

See fable here:

In every fable there is a lesson learned. This time it is how hard the Oyster River School Board tried to circumvent the Right to Know Law and still look like shining examples of common good.

They have found a new superintendent who knows now exactly how this school board expects him to get things done.

The fable Andrea wrote about the ORSB hasn’t many facts but drips with sympathy for the school board’s effort to find the right man for the job and give some sort of parting paycheck to the past super.

Andrea didn’t touch on those facts in her fable.

But we all learn from each other.

The judge, as usual, found the Right to Know Law a bit binding and time consuming and may do something sometime in the future should this happen (wink) again.

The School Board at least meant well.

The New Superintendent has a “team” to work with.

The Foster's reporter is part of the "team."

And Oyster River voters, if they are smart, should vote NO on every part of every school budget for a couple years to send a message.