Sandra Fluke, Democrat “Freedom Rider”

The Georgetown “Reverse Cowgirl” rides to the rescue.

Boy things have come a long way since the sixties haven’t they?

It used to be understood that freedom was to ride in the bus anywhere you wanted and to eat in any restaurant, in any seat.

But in an effort to demonize Republicans in the upcoming election Democrats have chosen free condoms as their cause. Voters are to believe Republicans will take away their birth control.

That is pretty smart – unlike Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law School student who needs free condoms three times a day.  Now there is a modern Democrat “Freedom Rider.”

She is only smart enough to have learned that parroting certain political positions is the easiest way to get a law degree. Learning stops there I am afraid. Repeating others opinions rather than having your own leaves one very un-free.

“Freedom Cowgirl” Sandra Fluke will always have a job mouthing something about birth control at Congressional hearings. There is a payday out there somewhere.

But this free condom movement by Democrats is a bit silly and may not have a long shelf life.

Best lather up about something more important and believable.

November is closer than you think.