Democrat Dilemmas

Democrat Dilemmas

First of all, nationally, the rank and file Democrats let communists and socialists take over their party. That was kind of a mistake. The general public has not as yet morphed into the new "Socialist Man" the left thought they would. Pay backs are now due.

Second, the idea that Democrat talking heads can offer a trade of free contraceptives in leu of $5.00 - $6.00 gasoline is tough sell - like Newt.

Another side show is the notion, once gain, and for the umpteenth time, that Rush Limbaugh is on the run. He is out of sponsors and no one wants to hear his kind any longer. Sheesh when will this end?

This is a single, one stop shopping, no need to look further, piece of proof that liberals live in a fantasy world. Why not jump start Air America for the Obama re-election assault? Rush is going nowhere.

What a Fluke! Selling gas at the pump at double what it was three years ago with an offer of free rubbers for a law student who can't find a guy to bring some when he stops by? This plan is the one to make everyone happy and vote for the Poser again?

Good luck Barry Whatever.