I met Andrew Breitbart here in New Hampshire when he was visiting during some past election. I had become a fan after watching him on Red Eye for several years.

Red Eye, by the way, is just about the only show worth watching on cable if you want something as real as mixed martial arts or Swamp People. I wake up automatically at three am most nights just from tuning in so often.

Apparently, Andrew Breitbart was the force behind Greg Gutfeld aquiring his political talk-fest on Fox. Now it makes sense.

When I talked to Mr. Breitbart about several things CNHT was doing in NH I found him interested in a pitch I casually made about a new political web site he might want to start. He gave me his email address but I never found time to bother him again with the idea. He was kind of a whirling Dervish and a complete genius at what he did. My idea would have only been a distraction.

After listening to so many people asked about his passing describe his workload I am grateful he took the time to talk to me at all.

Andrew Breitbart punched a hole in the wet paper bag of liberal gibberish in a daily and gleeful routine. It showed the way for the next step in exposing the left in this country, pop culture and web based media.

Let many more follow his lead.