Thugs Of A Feather Campaign Together

The campaign to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama has a spokesman who is trying to intimidate the Koch brothers over their funding of American’s for Prosperity, a group CNHT works with all the time.

If you do not recognize the name Koch then the Democrat slander onslaught against these economic enablers of conservative causes has bypassed you. Consider yourself lucky. It is the standard demonization process found in the Democrat handbook.

This new wrinkle involves the Obama re-election thugs using the Office of the President to signal their displeasure with the activities of AFP. They accuse the non-profit of  secretly violating non-profit laws.

Good luck to the Obama Zombies with stopping AFP but congratulations on trying to change the issues germane to the 2012 election. Waving a bloodied AFP over your head will not be enough to stop the sting of $5.00 gas escalating food prices, no economic growth, deficits to the horizons of other planets, and for all intents and purposes, abandoned US soldiers overseas.

The part of this plan to intimidate opposition to Obama does not end with the Obama campaign. It is a team effort.

Our own New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen is doing her part by using the IRS to intimidate non-profits as well.

Tea Party organizations are starting to receive IRS letters questioning their non-profit status just as the letter Shaheen and several other left wing Democrat Senators requested.

This is not happening in a vacuum. It makes Shaheen part of the Obama re-election team with joint releases of Tea party intimidation efforts:,

and the Obama attempt at conservative donor intimidation thirteen days later:

Jeanne Shaheen, Obama tool?

Looks that way.