Let The Court Make It's Bed

The hunt is on for any hint of how the US Supreme's will vote regarding ObamaCare. It is almost irrelevant to waste time wondering. You can not stop what any US Supreme Court justice feels the law should be at any given time.

But the results of any vote will have grave consequences for everyone, especially the US Supreme Court.

If this so-called conservative Supreme Court, to which Obama just added two moonbats, thinks it will be a great opportunity to give away free health care and enshrine themselves into the halls of Socialism, fine, so be it.

But from that date forward the US Supreme Court will be seen as nothing more than a political entity. We are almost there now. Most people know nationalized health care is unconstitutional. And that may be a good thing.

The US Supreme Court has made up new laws in the past and once a tipping point has been reached, as in Roe vs. Wade, which has never "gone away" quietly, American citizens may come to understand that common sense and law can have a place together in our legal system without meddling by liberals on any court.

I think that could be a watershed turn in American politics - who cares what the robes are doing, they are not the final say if it is shown they are activists with an agenda.

But if the Supreme Court actually follows the US Constitution and does find forcing Americans to purchase health insurance under penalty of arrest is unconstitutional it will quietly and affirmatively have let the air out of Obama's Marxist agenda for decades.

The Left can start all over again from there as they always have.

But ObamaCare will bankrupt this economy and lead to rationing as it has in every other country. In the state we are in now that fact will come to light much faster than the current plight of our other entitlements.

Obama believes in ObamaCare as much as he believes in algae power.

Does the Supreme Court?