The Re-count Fixed Everything

In the tiny, liberal hamlet of Lee, NH, there was a local election.

Adults charged with the task counted the votes, presumably by hand, probably with some type of procedure, and maybe even in the light of day or with the lights on, did a marvelous job.

Check this out:

And as usual the local paper covered for the whole event - with great spin.

Here is what I see from reading a few facts, as reported.

In an election for selectman there was a re-count requested – anonymously?

The original difference in votes for the top two candidates was - 15.

Now that in itself is close enough to ask for a recount, right?

The “re-count” was held and the numbers changed slightly.

After the re-count the difference between the top two of the three candidates was – 4, and the original winner remained the winner.

Now all that sounds Kosher, except, there were 60 more votes counted in the re-count than were supposedly counted in the first count! Some 578 voters were picked up in the re-count as opposed to 518 in the original count.

How the heck does one find more than 10% of the ballots in a small election were not counted at all in the first count?

Don’t you think the title of the Fosters story should have been “Where The Hell Were The 60 Ballots The First Time.”

But no, the paper must like the “winner” so no embarrassing questions were asked.

My congratulations to the Moderator, the big winner in this show.