These Are NOT Our Neighbors

Michael "Stix" Addison and Myles “EZ” Webster have a lot in common, spiffy nicknames, and they both shot Manchester, NH police officers, in Addison’s case the officer died.

“Stix” and “EZ” are also referred to as Manchester and Litchfield residents in the newspapers, but I beg to differ. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

These punks were both fugitives from Massachusetts who came here to New Hampshire to lead a better criminal life.

Maybe they were not tough enough to cut it in Boston and had to come here to earn their chops as tough guys, but it makes no difference, they come here pre-inclined to cause trouble and commit crime which eventually leaves them in conflict with police officers.

Some professional criminals think New Hampshire is like the Wild West. Once over the border they can do as they please. They have no fear of any institution they have encountered since childhood.

So welcome to NH boys. I hope you find the next 70 years in a small, cement box enjoyable – since we do not have an effective death penalty yet.