No Justice No Piece...Of The White House Briefing

First it was Simba Martin, then it was Trayvon Martin

Simba Martin, who is he?

Simba Martin helped with Christmas pageants at the Roxbury, Ma. Church where he was baptized. Simba also worked there to keep young people from getting in trouble. He was your average inner city 21 year old trying to get by. That is the description in the Boston papers.

But back on September, 28 2010, he was murdered, execution style, along with Eyanna Louise Flonory, 21, of Dorchester, her son, Amanihotep Smith, 2, and Lavaughhan Washum-Garrison, 22, of Roslindale.

A fifth shooting victim, Marcus Hurd remains paralyzed and unable to identify the attackers.

The murderers dragged several of the victims into the street to shoot them.

It appears that Dwayne Moore, Edward Washington, and Kamini Washington, arrested in Manchester NH, all went to this Mattapan residence to rob a suspected drug dealer but wound up murdering everyone and wounding/paralyzing another.

All three suspects are now almost free due to jury verdicts of not guilty or some sort of mistrial. The details are almost irrelevant. The facts remain the same. NO justice.

I wonder if little Amanihotep Smith, aged 2, looked anything like President Barack Obama when he was 2? Does Barack Obama even care about this case of no justice or peace for a grieving family?

Obama interjected himself into a controversial case of a young black teenager shot and killed in Florida by a Hispanic man named Zimmerman.

What, no comment on the Mattapan case. It has all the stuff that makes the flesh crawl on anyone with a sense of justice.

Three black men murder an entire black family, including a 2 year old, in the street in front of their home and witnesses, but the jury lets them go after a bad plea deal with one of the killing crew.

The jury “deliberated” for six days with one holdout who could not make up his or her mind.

Could it be racism? Who knows?

I know one thing.

The Mattapan case isn’t enough to draw the likes of Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the Nation of Islam nut, or the attention of Barack Obama.

To politicians and race hustlers, some murders are worth more in earned media than others.