Skip The Charade, Decide Already

Is it me or are the mouthpieces of the Obama Administration suddenly calling the healthcare grab of our lifetime by its nick name, ObamaCare? I thought that was off limits.

ObamaCare is a nice label for attaching this albatross to its rightful provider but shouldn’t it really be called DemocratCare in an effort to share the wealth of distrust among voters it has created.

DemocratCare is the proper term of what is before the US Supreme Court.

It took the control of the US House and Senate along with Obama to shove this thing over the finish line.

Why not give everyone involved their due. If Obama is voted out of office DemocratCare will always be waiting in the wings.

And hasn’t the test of time strengthened the desire of Americans to have bureaucrats administer pills? No it doesn’t look that way.

What ever happened to “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” besides waiver after waiver after waiver to political pals?

DemocratCare is about as non-controversial as the last major “health care” issue America has suffered - abortion on demand.

Abortion as health care is another issue the Supreme Court delivered from the bench as might happen with DemocratCare.

Take a look at the polls sometime and see where abortion on demand stands right now. It isn’t a pretty picture if you thought people would get used to it. On the contrary, even young people are turning away.

The Democrat Party, headed by an avowed Marxist, run by communists and socialists of all flavors, is itching for another “victory” in the form of socialized health care a majority of citizens who are paying attention do not want. And they once again need the Supreme Court to help them get it.

No matter how this Supreme Court decision comes out we will have a turning point in American politics smack dab in the middle of a Democrat recession right before an election.

I think a decision in favor of an unconstitutional federal mandate will knock the Supreme’s off their high horse for decades to come, opening a chance at government reform in a much more conservative/traditional/constitutional manner.