What Goes Around...

Funny how the courts work isn’t it?

In 2009 our CNHT photographer, Gary Brownfield, was quietly taking pictures at an Atkinson Deliberative Session when the now former Atkinson Moderator, some small guy with a Napoleon complex, stopped him and conducted several votes to stop Gary, a taxpayer in Atkinson, from taking any more pictures. All this was done on live public cable TV.

We went to federal Court and were turned down in an attempt to rectify the Constitutional attack on Mr. Brownfield. Mr. Brownfield could take no more pictures at that public meeting, under threat of removal, and was humiliated by the laughing mob of Atkinson voters.

Our suit did have one effect. Gary can take all the pictures he wants these days as there is a new Moderator and Atkinson has a new understanding of the First Amendment.

And right in line with that case we have Joe the Plumber who had the audacity to effectively question the Kenyan Wonder who was running for President of the USA.

Story here:


It was time for retribution against this lowly Ohio plumber.

Ohio officials, who were also Obama supporters, began going through any state records which might have been used to discredit this private citizen forcing him to file suit in Federal Court regarding the flagrant Constitutional violations by Ohio State employees.

He was rebuffed, as most conservatives are by the judicial system.

When the justice shoe is on the other foot in the not so distant future will liberals find it acceptable to lose every case they bring?

I hope they can’t but learn to live with it anyway, like conservatives have had to do for far too long.

Things come in cycles you know.