Who Gives A Shia

I keep reading news articles out of Syria about bloodshed, the army attacking civilians, and journalists being killed or injured trying to get the story out but as yet have seen no story worth reading.

Granted, there are people being killed and lots of photo ops for the journalists who tempt fate by slipping in and out of Syria. Some are getting tips from sources.

Why not report what is behind all the pictures?

I’ll take a shot at it.

A defector from the Syrian Army named Riad al-Asaad has formed the Free Syria Army which counts a number of other defectors, who it is claimed, refused to fire on fellow Syrians who were protesting Bashir Asaad, the current dictator of Syria.

Bashir Assad is the son of the last dictator, but most importantly, is the head of the Baath Party, the Syrian socialist party which wins every election with vote totals in the high 90’s.

The defecting soldiers who, and I take this with a grain of salt, refused to shoot civilians and are now hiding in scattered locations, one of which is Homs a city of about a million which has a good sized Aliwait tribe living in it. These are Shia Muslims and are the most active in confronting Asaad even though he is also Shia.

It seems with Bashir Asaad it is Party over tribe in this fight. Most of Syria is Sunni and they are not getting along. Surprise!

And as with many dictators in the Middle East, Bashir Asaad is exterminating rebels and civilian residents of Homs along with other cities where clusters of resistance are to be found.

Bashir Asaad is helped in this extermination by local mafia types, called Shabiha, who are armed and do not want the current regime to change.

What a nice brew for an ethnic cleansing.

The only redeeming thing about the Free Syrian Army is that they are not the Muslim Brotherhood and seem to want nothing to do with them. These rebels are former army and would probably like to take the country over and create their own fancy uniforms and secret police to settle old scores.

What else is there to do in a country like Syria except invade Israel or Lebanon?

Should the US “and all our allies” get involved in one group of Muslims murdering another group inside their own borders and among ancient tribes and various forms of the same religion?

The way I look at it, when one of these sides wins, everyone loses except their martyrs. They get the big payoff upstairs, so the story goes.

Let’s sit this one out.

(Dislaimer: I don't really care about the of spelling Arabic names so forgive me.)