Don't Be Portsmouth

From USLEGAL.COM I have found a rather disturbing description of “Voter Fraud.”

Electoral fraud refers to is illegal interference with the process of an election. The definition of the term varies from country to country. Generally it includes illegal voter registration, intimidation at polls and improper vote counting. Even though technically the term 'electoral fraud' covers only illegal acts, the term is also used to describe acts morally unacceptable, outside the spirit of electoral laws or in violation of the principles of democracy.

Electoral fraud is also termed voter fraud.

Portsmouth NH is a liberal city. And as is with all liberal cities and municipalities they speak their own language. Words and language have only the meaning they want them to have until the situation calls for a new meaning.

I knew this about liberals long before I went to Portsmouth to present a
Voter Fraud Workshop. And as I have found as well, any newspaper in a liberal municipality has to parrot the imagined reality of the moonbats who live there or it will not survive.

Hey, if you are so insecure about yourself you can only live in a fairy tale village I have no problem with that.

Nothing is new about Portsmouth or the public officials who came to my workshop.

They, nor the cub reporter, introduced themselves as election local officials who came to “confront” me. That story was written long before I showed up, as was the phony line about the meeting ever being closed to the public. The organizers simply wanted to ask me if I mined being recorded or the press coming before they "opened the meeting to the public." It is called the polite thing to do.

Mostly, liberals who want control of something will throw out a red herring, I like to describe it as it is, “an infantile demand” to see if their opponent will bend to their demand.

I believe that this technique is a result of parents letting an infant run the household. This works so well the infant uses the infantile demand right through to adulthood resulting in – a liberal.

Last night the infantile demand was that I was not showing voter fraud but something different. These Portsmouth activists came in a group to see voter fraud, not what I had:

A moderator keeping votes in his pocket.

An election official electioneering at the checklist table.

A State Rep. making his own illegal voter forms.

A State Rep. making his own illegal voter forms.

Bedford’s school clerk handing out absentee ballots at the dump.

Written statements of UNH students switching back to their old voting place after voting here.

People voting from non-existent locations

None of that was voter fraud according to Portsmouth election activists or the cub reporter.

Just like a political sign was not a political sign to Bud Fitch of the AG’s Office even though the sign was made and paid for by a political non-profit and was regarding a vote on a school bond. The sign was just a sign so the Bedford ZBA could extort $5,000.00 from Citizens for a Sound Economy and intimidate political opponents.

Voter fraud is, according to liberals, in the eye of the beholder.

And liberals never see voter fraud if it upsets the left wing world they create for themselves.  

If you want a voter fraud workshop in your town let me know. Come see what Portsmouth officials find unbearable to look at.

I have much more than I showed them.