Sgt. Schults Lives In Portsmouth

Finally, some moonbats showed up at a voter fraud workshop I did in Portsmouth last night. God Bless them. There is nothing like the granola crowd to liven up a meeting they can not control.

But they tried.

And they came as a group for social support. Liberals are so clannish.

One person who could not remain seated in the face of evidence of voter fraud was, as were most of the disgruntled, a registrar of elections in Portsmouth. She never sees voter fraud.

Wait, they were upset that I had confused voter fraud with election law violations. That is a deal breaker for the moonbats.

They came to see voter fraud NOT election law violations. There is a huge difference you know.

There was an assistant registrar who was distraught over false accusations of voter fraud when the real problem was low turnout.

“Low turnout” is apparently code for we need more voters even if they are not from NH.

I showed these pro- nonresident voter fraud activists documented evidence of 23 people voting from addresses on non-existent roads and as soon as I mentioned they were from a liberal non-profit and were bussed in to vote in Deerfield the excuses started.

Even Joey the cub reporter was not convinced.

I had a photo of an election official who set up an illegal polling place to hand out absentee ballots and the moonbats were unimpressed.

What they could not wait to sink their teeth into was - the issue non-resident student voters. They are residents in their minds and nothing will change a liberal’s feeling about that, even confessions of non-resident student voters who asked to have their names removed from a NH checklist after stealing a vote.

Portsmouth will never have a case of voter fraud or an election law violation with these people in charge.

One Portsmouth election official was making excuses for Keene State Rep. Weed handing out home made, illegal same day voter registration forms. He didn’t REALLY commit voter fraud because no one actually USED the forms.

I love the comment by pro-non-resident voter activist Mimi Clark who never saw people beating down the door to commit voter fraud. She has been living in the area for 30 years and has never seen it.

Thank you moonbats!

The video of Portsmouth election officials making excuses for voter fraud will now become part of my workshop.

I will have completed three workshops for the general public this week while the smug Portsmouth election officials and Joey the cub reporter sit back and admire their work defending election law violations and voter fraud in the state they say has none.

Here is Joey's story: