Hire Consultants Until They Say What You Want, On The Public's Dime

CNHT has been working with the group in Rochester which has taken on the comprehensive re-zoning committee appointed almost a decade ago.

As with many land regulation oriented public bodies, they seem to have come up with a plan for future uses of private property, this time in Rochester, that was made in the dark through a series of unpublicized and unrecorded meetings. It is always better to change the status of the peasants without their knowledge.

Here is a story about the recent appearance before the Redress Committee of the NH House:


This comprehensive re-zoning committee is in fact a public body and should have been aware of the consequences of hiring advisors, spending their budget, holding meetings etc., in secret because some of them were on a police commission in 2004 that was admonished by the Superior Court for failing to abide by the NH Right to Know Law back then.

Our Right to Know Law is extremely important so some people in Rochester such as an owner of a chicken farm who would have found himself trapped in a new residential district. There goes thousands of dollars in legal fees to get back to where you were before the secretly created land use category killed your business.

Did an individual on the secret Rochester comprehensive re-zoning committee have it in for the chicken farmer? We will never know.

Did the secret committee just not know about what would happen to the chicken farmer?

Maybe if there were public meetings and minutes the chicken farmer could have addressed the issue BEFORE losing his business.

Maybe it is about time to have the secret committee publicly pay out of their own private pockets for the damage they tried to do Rochester, some for the second time.

Among others, state Reps. Cliff Newton and Susan DeLemus have had a hand in bringing this injustice to light and trying to correct it.

Let’s hope the Superior Court does as well.