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A former Secret Service Agent has self-published a book about the Clinton Regime where he was obliged to serve.


There is a universal truth about liberals he has stumbled across when describing a young elite staff member of the Clintons:

“In another, he wrote of a female staffer who wouldn’t listen to Emmett’s security advice. “She stared at me with a look as if her father had just told her she couldn’t go to the mall with her friends and get a tattoo or body piercing,” he wrote. “My patient attempts to reason were met with childlike emotion born of a past where no one in authority--probably beginning with her parents--had ever said no to her about anything.”


This reminds me of the words of a Viet Nam era Kent State professor who tried to get the students off campus before the National Guard martyred several of them by gunfire.

After the Kent State College was closed, due to acts of arson, the children came back in force, led by community organizers.

The National Guard was called and a perfect setup for the cameras was in effect.

But just before the staged historical event was about to happen, a Kent State professor addressed the kids.

I saw this on TV back then and it has stayed with ever since.

The professor was trying to get the students and the community organizers off campus, and from my memory said this:

“I know that some of you students have never had to do anything you have been told to do in your entire life, but I am telling you now, get off campus.”

When I heard this I knew instantly that this one professor, in a short statement, had tagged these kids as exactly who they were.

And here we are decades later when these self-obsessed types of college indoctrinated kids assume positions of power and are exactly the type of people with which Hillary and Bill Clinton surround themselves – because that is who they are.

Take a look at Barack Obama, the liberals, communists, sufferers of anger management disease, and the like he surronds himself with and you see the same thing.

This secret service agent, through his book, speaks truth to power-hungry.


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Years ago, I was working in the DC area, and a co-worker invited me to his house for a Saturday cookout. One of his neighbors was a secret service agent. This was just after Clinton left office.

What that agent shared with us closely mirrows the words in your article and on the link you provided with regard to Hillary. Agents who were assigned to her were told not to speak to her unless she spoke to them first, not to make eye contact with her and to keep "their distance" from her at all times. Keep in mind that the individuals who were being told this and other restrictions or don't dos were expected to take a bullet if necessary to protect her.

I had a personal experience with "Billary" that also reflects the above. I was at the old executive office building, which is across the street from the White House for a meeting, and as fate would have it, on the same day that Billary was making a visit to the OEOB.

An announcement was made that she would be passing down the main corridor at a certain time, and that anyone in offices adjoining said corridor were to sta'y in their offices and not go into the main corridotr for any reason whatsoever.

In summary, I think Agent Emmett is being kind when he describes her as "aloof". Her public personna is vastly different from her private one, which IMO, is significantly beyond aloof, to the extent that she could serve as a poster personification of "arrogant, elitist, liberal self-perceived intellectuals" who think they are superior to us ordinary folks and in the case of Hillary, I think she truly believes that her body wastes do not excude any odor.
March 9, 2012 | Registered CommenterGreyGhost
And therein lies the insanity. Status quo won't change until the warrior class rightly concludes they have been duped, and no longer volunteer to take a bullet for Libs and others who daily connive to take their freedoms away. These guys deserve better, much better.
– C. dog
March 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog
Hey, if Timmo says it's so, then it must be so. After all, he is the distinguished arbiter of taste and good manners.
– C. dog nips at Hillary's fat ankles
March 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterC. dog
Back when the public could tour the White House easily, I took my family. This was during the Carter years just after Ford. We asked the guide what differences he noticed and were told that the WH staff under Carter were treated like workers on the plantation. He said it was worlds away from the open and friendly Ford years. At the time I thought maybe the plantation thing was just a southern affect. Probably the last decent liberal in the WH was Truman.

BTW... one of my sons asked for a picture of Carter. When asked why, he said for his dart board.
March 12, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterdave

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