Stihl Timbersports In New Hampshire

For the first time since 1991 Stihl Timbersports will be in New Hampshire at the Thompson Arena in Hanover at 2 pm this Saturday.

There will be intermingled college events with the Stihl professional competitors. The best guys in the northeast are competing for the chance to win at the finals in Pigeon Forge in June. There is $250,000.00 in prize money to split among finalists.

As I have written about here at in the past I am the cut-off guy who trims the wood after each event. I also work on all the springboard poles before the competition.

If you want to see some monster chain saws that cut 20" wood three times, down up and down, in under six seconds, start included - this is the place.

Some excellent choppers will be on hand and you can count on some 13" diameter pine standing blocks being halved in 16 hits or less.

Spring board starts the event where a competitor chops a pocket in a 9' standing pole, inserts a spring board, hops onto that, chops another pocket, jumps up on that, and chops through an 11" block - 9 feet in the air. The record for this event is something around 35 seconds. It is fun to see live.

The competition should be about 5 hours long ending with hot saws.