Same Old Techniques - New "Civil Right"

The New York State Supreme Court made one small leap towards equality for those who like to view child pornography.

This next “civil right” to be enshrined by a court has taken one small step, but it is at least a step “forward” for equality for child pornography users.

This is how many new rights get their initial momentum.

Granted, the Marist College professor who was convicted of using child pornography – in the privacy of his own home – is still subject to some other 130 odd counts of downloading child pornography, but how long until another activist court moves all of us into the 21st Century?

The NY Legislature has come up with some Neanderthal attempt to go back to the old days when viewing child pornography was a crime in NY, because most people think that having children involved with pornography is bad, evil, illegal, or against their religious beliefs, but the new law may not pan out.

The first step in having some future president endorse home viewing of child pornography can not be that far away.