Chen Finds Happiness

Just as liberal bum kissers in the Clinton Administration kow-towed to Fidel and handed Elian Gonzales over, the Obama Administration has done the same with Chinese dissident Chen Guangchen.

Maybe we should give Chen some prize from a progressive non-profit to sooth the loss of a real life.

Let’s call it the Nobel Prize for “Shutting Up To Keep My Family Alive Award.”

Ah, but Chen’s political issue was not a winner with the Obamaites. He was outing the forced abortion crowd in China for committing wholesale infanticide totaling in the millions.

Couldn’t the US just as easily have dropped Chen into an embassy limo and shuttled him off to America with a warning to China that we will be watching out for the Cuangchen family – every generation still alive?

And I assume Hillary will attempt to spin this as a win?

Well, in her world it really might be - shut down a pro-life champion and appease fellow Marxists all at once.


As a bonus though, the big win for the Obama’s and Hillary is the once again successful stifling of any opposition forces in countries who hate our guts.

Opposition leaders in China now know that any effort to expose the One Child policy of that government or any crushing of political dissent will receive no help whatsoever from our shores.

The Iranian freedom lobby learned this as well when they tried to rebel against the Mullahs.

Obama’s foreign policy in action.