More Sad Than Savage

Thank you Dan Savage!

In a time in our history when young people need to understand how low and dangerous our political world has become, as well as how much politics has needlessly intruded into our personal lives, along comes another militant, angry, homosexual, activist.

And he puts on displays every day for a fawning press. Dan can not stop himself now that he has the lime light. Savage is like a reborn Barney Frank, without all the slobbering.

Our Democrat Party leadership is, like the media, stone cold afraid of Dan Savage and encourage his unwavering and unhinged assault on all things traditional and respectable in America. They cheer him on from afar – and even farther with each passing day, it seems.

Seeing young high school people get up, smiling, and walking away from the Dan Savage temper tantrum show is heartwarming. These young people were not “pansies” as Savage called them. They are the future (and Savage knows it.)

Note to progressives: you will never get these kids back from the moment in their lives they might have been susceptible to a Dan Savage type indoctrination by fear and intimidation. They have staked out their political positions from the moment they stood against progressive, homosexual, hate mongers.

Dan Savage is only concerned with his own personal desires and feelings. That is what makes him a dangerous ally for the Left. What do you do with him in his upcoming crash and burn stage?

Will the progressives and the media be able to simply ignore him like the do “activist” Cindy Sheehan who has pinned her next fiasco on defying the IRS?

Savage will not go so quietly. He will do more harm to the progressive agenda and the quest for homosexual special rights than any religious organization or representative could hope for.

Dan Savage is as unwholesome as they come and proud of it. It is most of the little he knows about anything.

I’m rooting for him to get all the airtime his insatiable appetite for hate can endure. Let him be the symbol for special rights for progressive homosexuals if that is what they want or are afraid to stop.