Julia Gets Her Cheese

It is sometimes tricky but I always try to match national issues with New Hampshire issues to keep it “local” here at NHInsider.com.

Here is my latest attempt.

You must have heard by now about the Obama campaign offering called “Julia.”

This cartoon Julia lives a wonderful life stopping by government programs from unaborted fetus to old lady much like a humming bird visits flowers – most often at my place humming birds would be visiting our humming bird feeders. (Consider the feeders a gift to the birds, not a tax I pay to see them. My bird friends are not flying Julias.)

Obama’s Julia looks like she could not survive without government assistance – unlike my humming birds.

But this way of progressive thinking, that government is the one stop answer for everything, is embedded into liberals from a young age, the age you find many young people attending various types of government education.

So here it is - the NH connection.

I got my hands of some unused high school standardized tests used in NH back when the NH Supreme Court was trying to impose the Claremont Scam.

One test involved choosing where in a small town the NH student would place his or her business.

There was a small map of the test town included in this test.

The student was asked where a good business location in the sample town would be by analyzing the map.

There was a library, a town Hall, a church, a park, a police station, a fire house, a school, roads, and parking lots, nothing else. Everything in this sample town was evidently placed there by an educator or testing expert (retired teacher).

I took one look at the town in the test and thought that by placing my business in this place I would be the only property tax payer in the entire town. I decided that my test answer would be going down the road to a business friendly town might be the best for a new business.

Do you think any NH students answered the way I would have?

Remember, this NH standardized test was not a Home School test. It was a government school test.

And you wonder where Obama got the geniuses who dreamed up the “Julia” campaign cartoon.